Stephanie Vacianna

Stephanie Vacianna has thirteen years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Originally a licensed board certified nurse she gained valuable experience in the emergency room, urgent care and detox facility settings. Stephanie is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner and loves taking the time to listen to her patients needs and exceed their expectations.

When not working in the healthcare industry Stephanie enjoys spending time with her loving husband and six children. 

“I’m not only a provider, I also know what it’s like to be a patient and have overcome my own health issues with my weight and side effects from severe childhood asthma, because of my lived experience with methods that do and do not work I offer compassionate care that gets results.”


Lila Stevens

Nurse for total of 11 years, 6 of which are in the role of advanced practice registered nurse, with a focus on family health care.

Currently I am family nurse practitioner with experience in urgent care, family health and pediatric care. Being a nurse practitioner gives me the opportunity to provide individualized care to my patients and their families, with an unconditionally compassionate high quality of care. The accountability for being a strong advocate for my patients brings me great joy, thus I am successful in what I do.

We offer family health care, from annual well/preventative visits, to sick visits and mental health evaluation and treatment, as well as urgent care.


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